Organization is Important

As I have been teaching for the past few months I have accumulated alot of stuff. From extra printables to crafts left over, it has become quite a pile. So, I invested in a file organizer box. 

Simply, I paper clipped lessons together. To further organize I added a sticky note to label what the lesson was.

But I have also made a point to have order in the classroom as well. I found an old beach tote that I converted into my Sunday school supply bag.

I have a few things in my bag that EVERYONE should invest in.

  1. Baby wipes: kids=mess. Since the class doesn’t have a sink I needed something as a quick clean up tool. Baby wipes are safe on little faces and hands too. Perfect!
  2. Sanitizing wipes: Im not scared of the germs in the world. But I just like to have a clean surface, just in case. I wipe down the tables after and before class.
  3. Safe cleaning products: I found a great deal on safe all natural cleaning products at TJ Maxx. My thoughts are I want to have products around that if a child puts it in there mouth or spills it, it will be less harmful to them.
  4. Kids Aprons: I want to do more messy projects and why not it makes learning fun. I bought so aprons (not shown in pictures sorry) so that I could keep nice outfits clean.
  5. plastic table cloths: table cloths help to keep tables clean and great for an easy clean up.

There are so many other thing that can help you keep thing clean and neat. What are your suggestions? I appreciate the feedback

Happy Organizing!


Joseph’s Coat

Well I am very sorry for the long overdue post. I have had to help a family member through an illness. But, thanks be to the Lord for being a healer. She is almost back to her old self.

But now to the long awaited lesson. Joseph and his beautiful coat. The memory verse for this lesson is from Romans 8:28. It reads: “All things work together for the good of those that love God”.

My inspiration was a bunch of paper bags that I have been trying to get rid of.


Well first I made a pattern of a vest. Every good vest needs a neck and sleeves on both sides.

Then you cut!. I cut the bottom portion of the bag just because I wanted to. But keep it if you like. Then you can cut your opening of the vest.

20170820_095828 (1)

Then once you have finished your jacket, its time for your students to color their little hearts out.

So with my lesson I found a cute books that talked about Joseph and his dreams. It was found at a yard sale for $0.50.  It came with a CD of music that can go with each lesson. I think the song are great to do with the kids for an early morning praise and worship session.


So what key points should you teach your students about this story:

  1. The Lord never forgets us. He keeps us safe when others try to harm or take advantage of us.
  2. Joseph’s brothers were not very nice to him. Joseph decided to be kind to his brother’s anyway. When others do not treat us right we should be kind to them, because the Lord will reward our kindness.
  3. Remember the memory verse “ALL THINGS WORK FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE THAT LOVE THE LORD”. Joseph loved the Lord and obeyed him. So even when he was met with many challenges, the Lord worked it out where he became a officer for Pharaoh. He was even able to help his family and others survive the famine.

So teachers I hope you enjoyed this Sunday school lesson. Please leave your feedback I would love to hear it.

See you soon!

No Kids, No Problem?

This Sunday I decided to come in early to prep the class. I was excited because I really put some work in this lesson. Well Sunday School starts at 9:40 am and I sat and waited for my students to run in. Well no children showed up. I was disappointed.

I was talking to someone today who pointed out “It is sad that kids are not coming, their parents should let us know ahead so we do not have to show up for an empty class”. I actually had no real response. As believers we have to “be ye also ready” in every situation. We can not predict who will show up. I just have faith that the Lord will reward the efforts.

Past that lets look at the life of Jesus. He spoke to crowds of people and he talked to people one-on-one. He was always prepared with the Word. Truth is so should we. The Word should rest in our hearts.  As we are prepared the Lord will bless us.

So in conclusion, I am not distracted by what others are saying. I am going to do the best that I can to spread the Good News of Jesus to the little ones. I am going to remain faithful in the job and let the Lord lead me.


So how do you handle an empty class? Let me know in the comment. 
And in case you thought I forgot….Josheph and his coat of many colors will be posted next week. 

Grow In Jesus!

Hello Readers!

First I would like to just say that the Lord moves when we pray and wait. I got a call today and a member of the church has stepped up to help me in the class. That is so fantastic because it gives us a way of breaking down the lesson for all ages of kids.

Now to the Lesson from Matthew 13. You guys all know about the parable of the sower. Well I took some inspiration from my own home garden.


I decided to get a little dirty for this project. I bought some pots from the local hardware store. My father has a TON of potting mix so I was blessed with a freebie. The seeds I actually bought from a seller on Ebay. The seeds are very in expensive. The seeds are called Gold Crop Bush Top Notch beans. Instead of the “Jack and the bean stalk” plant these beans grow in well a bush.

If you are wondering why I did not buy local, it was because I was already on Ebay so I bought a load of stuff altogether.

Decorating the pots I just used some foam stickers that I found from a local craft store. Painting was a bit too much money to spend.

So how am I tying planting of seeds into the lesson. Well in the Word as Jesus was explaining the parable he spoke about how when a seed is planted in good soil it can grow and produce more and more plants (my summary ).  For seeds to grow it needs certain things just like the believer in Christ.

  1. Soil: soil has good food for the plants and helps the roots to stay in place. As Christians when we come to church and Sunday school the seeds of Gods word takes root in our hearts.
  2. Water: water is needed for the plant to drink so it wont dry out. We need the water of the Holy Bible (the word of the Lord) to support us in our life.
  3. Sun: plants need the sun for energy. We need the SON who is Jesus Christ. When we pray to God he gives us strength and energy.

So to summarize just as the children take care of their plant, I remind them that their Heavenly Father also takes care of them. What an awesome revelation!

I hope you enjoyed this messy lesson. What are your thought? Let me know.


Next week Joseph and the Coat of many colors!

“BEAR” Good Fruits

Last Sunday was the first lesson in my new class. Boy, was a nervous wreck. I had about seven children of all different ages. From two years old to ten. YIKES! I was very busy. But I made it.

My Bear Good Fruits Craft Idea

So the lesson for the week was to “Bear” Good Fruits coming from Galatians 5:22-23. It reads, but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.


The first thing that I did was to go to YouTube. There is a great little praise and worship song about the fruits of the spirit. To get them excited about the lesson. I did not know how many great things were on YouTube, and it’s free! You can view that song with the link below:

Fruit of Sprit Song

After the song, we talked about how we can not see these fruits that the Lord gives us. The fruits are to help remind us of how to act each and everyday. I tired to break down the fruits into small ideas. For example:

Love: we hug to show love, we smile, we shake hands, we say hello

Joy: being happy even when we are feeling sad or not feeling well

Peace: being calm and quiet

patience: waiting your turn quietly, not rushing

kindness: giving to others but not asking for anything in return

goodness: being honest with other people

gentleness: being careful with your things

self-control: controlling your anger, not fighting

I explained that we as Christian should ask the lord to help us in all these areas. When we do wrong we should ask the Lord for Forgiveness. Then I ended my lesson with a craft.


Bear Good Fruits Sunday School Lesson Galatians 5:22-23

I just used some construction paper, some printable “fruits” and a bear, string, hole punch, and glue. I made a banner that the kids could take home. It was simple but it gave them a reminder of what we talked about.


So that’s it in a nutshell. What are your thoughts? Let me know.


Next Week we will learn how to Grow In Jesus, using a bean plant. The lesson comes from Matthew 13.

See You Soon.

The New Sunday School Teacher

Our church in my hometown has seen new grown in the past few months. In this time we have had children to join our children’s ministry. The backstory to all of this is that our church has an older population so to see children in the church is a rare find.


Well this past month because one of our members has been so kind to pick up some children in the neighborhood, I have taken the lead in teaching Sunday School. I am by no means a teacher, my background in in healthcare. Not only that I have no children of my own. I ask the Lord “Why are you placing me in the position”. Just as I ask the Lord reminds me of Moses. Although Moses THOUGHT he was not good enough for the job, the Lord still used him for a great work. The Lord even sent him help through Aaron, his brother.


So even when we think we can’t or we do not have what it takes, God always provides. Through this blog I will share my resources that I am learning. I would love to have feedback from you about how to make the word of the Lord come alive for children.


Thank for taking this journey with me