No Kids, No Problem?

This Sunday I decided to come in early to prep the class. I was excited because I really put some work in this lesson. Well Sunday School starts at 9:40 am and I sat and waited for my students to run in. Well no children showed up. I was disappointed.

I was talking to someone today who pointed out “It is sad that kids are not coming, their parents should let us know ahead so we do not have to show up for an empty class”. I actually had no real response. As believers we have to “be ye also ready” in every situation. We can not predict who will show up. I just have faith that the Lord will reward the efforts.

Past that lets look at the life of Jesus. He spoke to crowds of people and he talked to people one-on-one. He was always prepared with the Word. Truth is so should we. The Word should rest in our hearts.  As we are prepared the Lord will bless us.

So in conclusion, I am not distracted by what others are saying. I am going to do the best that I can to spread the Good News of Jesus to the little ones. I am going to remain faithful in the job and let the Lord lead me.


So how do you handle an empty class? Let me know in the comment. 
And in case you thought I forgot….Josheph and his coat of many colors will be posted next week. 


Author: kidssundaylearning

I am a 27 year old from North Carolina. Currently, I have just started working with the youth sunday school class. My blog shows my journey in teaching. I also give my ideas about lesson that can be thought to your child at home or at church.

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