Grow In Jesus!

Hello Readers!

First I would like to just say that the Lord moves when we pray and wait. I got a call today and a member of the church has stepped up to help me in the class. That is so fantastic because it gives us a way of breaking down the lesson for all ages of kids.

Now to the Lesson from Matthew 13. You guys all know about the parable of the sower. Well I took some inspiration from my own home garden.


I decided to get a little dirty for this project. I bought some pots from the local hardware store. My father has a TON of potting mix so I was blessed with a freebie. The seeds I actually bought from a seller on Ebay. The seeds are very in expensive. The seeds are called Gold Crop Bush Top Notch beans. Instead of the “Jack and the bean stalk” plant these beans grow in well a bush.

If you are wondering why I did not buy local, it was because I was already on Ebay so I bought a load of stuff altogether.

Decorating the pots I just used some foam stickers that I found from a local craft store. Painting was a bit too much money to spend.

So how am I tying planting of seeds into the lesson. Well in the Word as Jesus was explaining the parable he spoke about how when a seed is planted in good soil it can grow and produce more and more plants (my summary ).  For seeds to grow it needs certain things just like the believer in Christ.

  1. Soil: soil has good food for the plants and helps the roots to stay in place. As Christians when we come to church and Sunday school the seeds of Gods word takes root in our hearts.
  2. Water: water is needed for the plant to drink so it wont dry out. We need the water of the Holy Bible (the word of the Lord) to support us in our life.
  3. Sun: plants need the sun for energy. We need the SON who is Jesus Christ. When we pray to God he gives us strength and energy.

So to summarize just as the children take care of their plant, I remind them that their Heavenly Father also takes care of them. What an awesome revelation!

I hope you enjoyed this messy lesson. What are your thought? Let me know.


Next week Joseph and the Coat of many colors!


Author: kidssundaylearning

I am a 27 year old from North Carolina. Currently, I have just started working with the youth sunday school class. My blog shows my journey in teaching. I also give my ideas about lesson that can be thought to your child at home or at church.

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