The New Sunday School Teacher

Our church in my hometown has seen new grown in the past few months. In this time we have had children to join our children’s ministry. The backstory to all of this is that our church has an older population so to see children in the church is a rare find.


Well this past month because one of our members has been so kind to pick up some children in the neighborhood, I have taken the lead in teaching Sunday School. I am by no means a teacher, my background in in healthcare. Not only that I have no children of my own. I ask the Lord “Why are you placing me in the position”. Just as I ask the Lord reminds me of Moses. Although Moses THOUGHT he was not good enough for the job, the Lord still used him for a great work. The Lord even sent him help through Aaron, his brother.


So even when we think we can’t or we do not have what it takes, God always provides. Through this blog I will share my resources that I am learning. I would love to have feedback from you about how to make the word of the Lord come alive for children.


Thank for taking this journey with me


Author: kidssundaylearning

I am a 27 year old from North Carolina. Currently, I have just started working with the youth sunday school class. My blog shows my journey in teaching. I also give my ideas about lesson that can be thought to your child at home or at church.

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